The university challenges and is being challenged

Debate | suitable for youth/adult

NTNU professor Aksel Tjora has invited colleagues across subjects and geography to discuss the university sector’s development and challenges in the upcoming book “University Combat”. In this panel debate, some of the contributors participate in discussing how the many reforms and the economic-political pressure on the sector create challenges for employees and students and how the sector itself generates internal counter-forces.

Questions related to New Public Management and emphasis on the measurable, the role of the Norwegian academic language, structural changes (mergers, etc.) will come up in connection with the big questions: What do we want with the university? What role can and will it play in our society today and in the future?


Dag Hessen, Professor of Biology, University of Oslo

Bente Rasmussen, Professor Emerita of Sociology, NTNU

Sigrun Haugdal Hitland, student of Psychology, NTNU

Aksel Tjora, Professor of Sociology, NTNU

The panel is moderated by Emil Øversveen, PhD Fellow of Sociology, NTNU

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