Snake robots exploring the ocean

Kristin Y. Pettersen Photo: Kai Dragland/ NTNU

Photo: Kai Dragland/ NTNU

Time slot Tuesdag: 12:00 -14:20

Snake robots exploring the ocean

The oceans are tremendously important to us. They contain resources and information that are crucial for solving our global challenges. To explore the oceans we need marine robots, but conventional marine robots all have their limitations. Learning from nature, we have instead developed swimming snake robots, which can move like sea snakes through the oceans. With their slender and flexible body, they can travel long distances and they can access narrow spaces between rocks and inside ice. Also, since the snake robot is a dexterous robot manipulator arm, it can interact with the environment, for instance picking up samples from the sea floor. In this presentation I will present our research on swimming snake robots and how this new, bio-inspired marine robot makes us ready to fully explore our oceans.

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