SINTEFSTORBANDET with Jakob Leirvik and Åse Marie Hammer

Concert | suitable for everyone

The evening’s concert with SINTEFSTORBANDET is devoted to our lovely vocalists Jakob Leirvik and Åse Marie Hammer. Conductor and musical director for spring 2019, Christian Aftret Eriksen, has put together a program of great song songs, and some of the songs are also specially arranged by Christian for the occasion.

SINTEFSTORBANDET has existed for 33 years and is a swinging big band originating from the SINTEF and NTNU environment. In addition to the traditional dance repertoire, the band works with exciting projects every season and has collaborated with more than 30 professional musicians.

Conductor/musical leader: Christian Aftret Eriksen.
Vocal: Jakob Leirvik, Åse Marie Hammer.
Trumpet: Arne Stokka, Berit Floor Lund, Bjørn Rasmussen, Pierre Cerasi.
Flute: Unni Kåsbøll.
Sax: Heidi Blix Madsen, Jorid Øverdahl, Leif Edvard Muruvik Vonen, Per Daling, Svein Sunde.
Horn: Elisabeth Fors.
Trombones: Bård Fredrik Linge, Morten Skille, Morten Stokka, Tor Øystein Molnes.
Komp: Aslak Bjerkvik (gitar), Nils Ivar Damm (piano), Tormod Njølstad (bass), Martin Fjellseth (trommer).

The consert is supported by SINTEF and Trondheim kommune.

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