Radioimmaginaria’s “Improvisary” on Climate

It is a radio talk broadcast live on Radioimmaginaria, the teenagers radio. The adolescents sitting in the to watch the show are called on the stage and invited to improvise on the specific theme “the climate and the good practices to contrast climate change”. The “absurd” and the “surreal scenarios” are possibile too (e.g. invention of machine that recycle dog’s faeces, in-home incinerators, etc..)The invited guests will step on the stage. They’ll enter the “Improvisary” booth and have a short time (a minute or two) to perform their “act”. They do so using the radio format and with the pressing help of the speakers of Radioimmaginaria. At the end of the contest the best one(s) win(s) a price to be decided. It is possibile to improvise with different styles: fake-interview delivering a speech acting a theatrical piece singing a rap song etc.)This is a fast-paced show with quick music inserts abrupt changes in style with a lively teenager radio format.

Event Details