Off the Grid – Screening, talk and concert with Svartlamon Hardkor and Kristoffer Lo

Screening, talk, concert | suitable for everyone

How we choose to live is crucial for the outcome of the climate crisis. 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions today come from our homes. Houses will become more and more advanced, comfortable and futuristic, but should we rather be downscaling and simplifying – in order to save the planet?

In the documentary Off the Grid, we meet Ola Ravn who builds a portable, 37 m2mini-house. The house combines modern and traditional solutions, and Ola wants to show that it is possible to live both simply and sustainably without giving up comfort.Small houses are cheaper. They cost less to build, maintain and heat, and have less space for things. This means we can work less, and with a lower income, our consumption is reduced. For Ola, downscaling isn’t a sacrifice to save the world; it’s simply a way to have more time and freedom.

In this session we will see the 13-minute documentary followed by a conversation between director Vegard Dahle and homeowner Ola who will tell more about the mini-house, the materials and the procedure. There will also be a concert with Svartlamon Hardkor and Kristoffer Lo, who have made the film music for the documentary.

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