Mechanical Fair (André Løyning, Norge 2019)

Movie | suitable for everyone

This concert film documents the performance of Ola Kvernberg’s magnificent ‘magnum opus’ Mechanical Fair at Moldejazz in 2016. The work was released on record two years earlier, and as Artist in Residence at the festival in 2016, Kvernberg was given the opportunity to set up the most magnificent edition of Mechanical Fair so far. With musicians such as Anja Lauvdahl, Kristoffer Lo, Eirik Hegdal, Kirsti Huke and the entire TrondheimSolistene, the concert is here documented in all its glory.

The film is initiated by Ola Kvernberg, musician and former student at the Jazz Line at the Institute for Music at NTNU.

1t 10m – Norwegian speech, untexted – Allowed for everybody
90 (ordinary)/60 (member)/0 (a-member)

In partnership with NTNU Institutt for musikk


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