How can we give children a good childhood?

Growing up in the world’s richest countries provides a wealth of opportunities, but also challenges. At this event you will meet experts who are working to solve some of these challenges.

Three researchers will talk about the results from “Early Safe in Trondheim” – a research project that for ten years has followed around a thousand Trondheim children and their parents.

  • How many children have mental health problems and can they grow their problems?
  • Is gaming destroying the children’s social development?
  • What can parents do to give children good eating habits?

You also get an insight into how Trondheim municipality works with both researchers and residents to create good and safe communities for children and young people.

At the end of the session, the audience get to participate in a live recording of “Headband”, a podcast of psychologist specialist Hans Andreas Knutsen. In this episode, he talks to social psychologist Mons Bendixen about being young today, and about topics such as sexual harassment and exclusion.


  • Lars Wichstrøm, professor of psychology at NTNU and head of the project Early Safe in Trondheim
  • Silje Steinsbekk, professor at NTNU and specialist in clinical child and youth psychology
  • Beate Hygen, researcher at NTNU Social Research with a doctorate in psychology
  • Hans Andreas Knutsen, psychologist specialist in the children’s and family service in Trondheim municipality
  • Mons Bendixen, social psychologist and associate professor at the Department of Psychology at NTNU
  • Ingvild Dahl, advisor in the group for upbringing and education at the councilor’s profession in Trondheim municipality
  • Ottar Ness, professor of advisory science at NTNU

Organizer: NTNU and Trondheim university municipality

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