Experience night – Body, decay and new life

Debate | suitable for youth/adults

How can a rat give rise to new life?
What movements happens inside a cell?
Are you afraid of dying?

Join the cross-disciplinary art experience where life as we know it turns upside down. Together with the dance artists Tone Pernille Østern and Arnhild Staal Pettersen, religious scientist Jesper Staal Petersen, biologist Alex Strømme and philosopher Thomas Dahl we will see the occurrence of life in a whole new light.

The evening is a continuation of the project “200 billion and 1” (year 2016) at NTNU for junior high school students where natural sciences, religious subjects and art subjects met.

The theme of the project was body, death and new (biological) life.

The evening organizes in connection with the exhibition «mind moves with matter, body blends into space» at Kunsthall Trondheim.

“200 billion and 1” was produced in 2016 by Inclusive Dance Company with Teaterhuset Avant Garden and DansiT as co-producer. NTNU and Trondheim municipality were partners. The project was carried out at Blussuvoll and Åsheim secondary schools in Trondheim. The project was supported by Norwegian Cultural Council, Trondheim municipality and Sør-Trøndelag county municipality.

Photo: Daniel Almli. Design: Tintin Rosvik

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