Code of ethics

Code of Ethics

A symposium on the ethical implications of the digitization of our society

Venue: Olavshallen, Lille sal

Fake news, The Arabic Spring, Autonomous weapons, Superintelligence, The fall of privacy.

New technology can have huge impact on our social, societal and cultural dynamics. As our society now experience an increased digitalization, in what many people name the fourth industrial revolution, we face new opportunities, new challenges and new dilemmas.

Are we at the helm at this development or is our Way of Life always in the passenger seat of whoever discover next new disruptive technology?

This symposium aims to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue between the fields of Ethics and Technology.

It’s free to participate, but it is still required that you book your ticket


Code of Ethics is a satellite event to The Big Challenge Science Festival.

Code of Ethics

Siri Granum Carson
Associate Professor of philosophy
Ieva Martinkenaite
Vice President
Zeynep Tufekci
Professor and Techno-sociologist
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