Cause of death: Unknown (Anniken Hoel, Norge 2017)

Movie | suitable for youth/adults

In 2005, Renate, the sister of director Anniken Hoel, dies. The cause of death is classified as unknown, and when Anniken begins to settle into the circumstances of her sister’s mysterious death, she discovers that Renate is one of many who has lost her life during treatment with antipsychotics. This initiates a global investigation of the pharmaceutical industry and how they have made potentially lethal drugs for best sellers – annualized billions of billions.

1t 28m – Norwegian and English speech, norwegian text – 12 years

Søndag 16.06 kl 18.00 – Cinemateket (free entrance)

Tirsdag 18.06 kl 21.00 – Cinemateket  90 (regular)/60 (member)/0 (a-member)

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