360 Concert with Trondheim Voices

Concert | suitable for youth/adults

Get ready for a unique audiovisual experience at Trondheim Science Center this evening!

The concert is free, but requires a ticket. Get your ticket here.
Tickets are available from june 3rd 09:00.

Trondheim Voices consists of some of Norways finest improvising vocalists. A cutting edge ensemble, who have made solid statements as developers within vocal- and improvised music, expanding the traditional concert format, searching for new music in the interaction between the singers, the audience, the surroundings and new technology.
Through the use of their unique effect controllers “Maccatrols”, designed by Asle Karstad, they create wide electroacoustic soundscapes, subtle noise, hauntingly beautiful chorals, and ambient beats, all in real time and with the voices as the only sound source.

Free improvisation plays a vital part in their concerts, but also incorporating original compositions from the group members and by composers such as Jon Balke, Ståle Storløkken and Christian Wallumrød.

The sound system in Trondheim Science Center’s 360 cinema is an IOSONO system provided by Barco. The system is equipped with 36 speakers arranged in 3 layers, delivering a truly immersive experience inside the dome. The system is the first of its kind in a Norwegian 360 cinema and there are only six similar installations in the rest of the world.

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