The Big Challenge Sciencefestival
Stephen Fry | Amy Webb | Rachel Botsman | Edward Snowden | Ben Goldacre | Jeremy Jackson | Donna Zuckerberg | Sting | Robert Plant | And more...
June 16-19, 2019 in Trondheim, Norway
June 16-19, 2019 in Trondheim, Norway
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Festival program
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Main program and concerts

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The Big Challenge for the whole family

The City Program  features more than 75 different programmes and events, most of which are free of charge

Academic deep dive

Some of the Side Events may require pre-registration and/or a fee

FUTURUM Festival Exhibition
FUTURUM – an exhibition about the future
16. June 2019
An exhibition that shows you how a world with lower emissions can look like in 2050.
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festival tickets

—  3700 / 1400 / 1100 NOK

The festival pass gives access to all lectures and presentations during the festival, along with all the concerts

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A valid student or university student ID must be presented when the pass is redeemed. The pass provides the same access to events as a regular festival pass.

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The consert pass provides only access to the music events at Solsiden during the festival. It is possible to buy daypass

About the Big Challenge

The Big Challenge Science Festival  is an international  gathering of scientists, artists, musicians, and leaders; coming together in Trondheim Norway, daring us all to think differently about how we should influence the future — and how the future will influence us.
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