Paper requirements

Paper requirements

Papers should be in English which is the official language of the Conference.

File type must be pdf.

Download one of these files for detailed instructions on paper formating. The word documents could be used as templates.

 Paper guidelines(docx), Paper guidelines(pdf)

Final paper submission

Final paper need to be submitted as a PDF file. You also need to submit a Zip-file included your original final paper file used to produce your article (Word, LaTex etc) and the copyright form (PVF).

If you have produced all figures etc, it is easy to fill in, but if some of the content is from published material you need to declare copy right issues.

Submit your paper via the BCRRA Presenters Portal:

BCRRA Presenters Portal

Contact BCRRA:

RSB Time Place

Time & Place
BCRRA 2022
Date: 27 - 30 June
Place:  Clarion Hotel Trondheim
Address: Brattørkaia 1