Ethics and malpractice statement

Ethics and malpractice statement

The BCRRA conference follows established international rules for ethics and malpractice in research and publishing. Below is a list of the main points of these rules


Editorial and reviewers independence

Editors and reviewers will evaluate papers on the basis of their scientific content and relevance to the scope of the conference. The views of the organisations behind or sponsoring the conference will not be considered, nor will the author's race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, citizenship, religious belief etc.

Conflict of interest

We expect authors to state whether they have any conflict of interest regarding the research presented. e.g. if they will profit economically or otherwise from increased use of a product or service that is promoted through the presentation of the research.

Originality, plagiarism and acknowledgement of sources

Authors should make sure that  the papers contain original material and that previous work that has had influence on the research is properly referenced. All form of plagiarism (including self-plagarism) is considered unethical and will lead to exclusion from the conference proceedings. Authors should acknowledge work that has been directly or indirectly used in the research work.


The Vancouver rules of authorship should be followed. Only persons who have made a significant contribution to the paper according to the rules should be listed as authors. Others who have contributed, but does not fulfil the rules should be listed in the acknowledgement section of the paper.

Multiple submission

The same research work should not be published in several publications. It is considered unethical to submit a paper to the conference that has been or is intended to  be submitted to other conferences or journals. It is also considered bad practice to split research results that naturally belong together into several parts. If discovered, such papers will be rejected.

Dicovery of misconduct after publication.

If any kind of cheating is discovered after initial publication, the paper could be subjected to removal from the electronic publications.

RSB Time Place

Time & Place
BCRRA 2022
Date: 27 - 30 June
Place:  Clarion Hotel Trondheim
Address: Brattørkaia 1