Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Mr. Subrata Chandra Das is currently working as a PhD Candidate at Advanced and Sustainable Engineering Materials Laboratory (ASEM-lab) under the Group of Sustainable Composites, Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering, NTNU, Gjøvik, Norway. His doctoral research is mainly focused on the development of sustainable composite materials from renewable resources like natural fiber reinforced with bio-derived and/or novel polymer matrices so that the end products can be environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. The research work is also aimed to provide a green and sustainable solution for the composite industry to fully or partially replace the traditional FRPs produced from synthetic fibers (glass or carbon) and petroleum-based polymer matrices for various applications such as sports (skis), automotive, wind turbine blades, etc.

His research interests include natural fiber reinforced polymer composites, biocomposites, bio-based sustainable materials, life cycle assessment (LCA), textile materials, textile chemical processing, surface modification, nanotechnology, textile waste management, composite recycling & reuse.