Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

"Only a most diligent life"

Romina Muka is a PhD Candidate funded by CINELDI - Centre for INtelligent ELectricity Distribution, an 8 year Research Centre under the FME-scheme. Her PhD research is focused in optimal deployment of sensors and controllers for the operation of the next generation distribution grid (with new intelligent electrical devices).


Romina also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics and a Master of Science in Information Systems in Economy from University of Tirana (UT), Albania. She is also a lecturer at UT since 2015. Romina has been a guest lecturer in several international universities in Europe, and has been the contact person of different projects funded by Erasmus+, Interreg IPA BCC, Ministry of Science and Education in Albania, and Industry.


Additional Activities @NTNU


- PhD Representative in the IE Faculty Research Committee, Spring 2020

IIK Extended Leader Group Member representing the temporary scientific staff, 2019-present

- PhD Student Representative in the IIK-Trondheim, 2018-present

- Board Member of CREATE @IIK, 2018-2019

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