Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

I am a clinical psychologist and PhD with main research areas in severe mental disorders and substance use disorders. I have in lifetime authored or co-authored about 150 publications, whereas about half of these (currently 79, Sept. 2020) are scientific original publications in peer refereed journals. Fifteen are primary outcome publications from RCT’s. I have also published 35 books or book chapters - many are clinical recommendations about how to help persons with schizophrenia, anxiety, depression or substance use disorders/SUD.

 I have also had the honor of helping the Norwegian Directorate of Health to make national guidelines for different mental disorders and SUD. I have participated in several experimental studies assessing the effects of different psychosocial interventions for mental disorders and SUD, and lately a pharmacological double blind RCT in treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome/AWS. I have supervised(co-supervised 10 candidates to PhD and many more MA theses. I am currently supervising/co-supervising 4 PhD student projects (on psychosocial and pharmacological interventions) - three of these have a primary focus on SUD.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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