Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Current Activities:

  • Support IØT professors and researchers in the development and coordination of research proposals on energy and energy systems
  • IØT representative in European networks and alliances of relevance, with the goal of contributing to the increase of NTNU participation in funding schemes
  • Coordinator for European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) of JP Bioenergy Sub-Programme 5 (on sustainability, techno-economic analysis, public perception)
  • Coordination assistance in EERA JP e3s Sub-Programme 1 (on public perception and engagement)

Areas of work and interest

  • Climate and Sustainability Ethics
  • Environmental and Intergenerational Justice
  • Ethical Frameworks for Decision Making
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Environmental Education


  • Ph.D. in Educational Sciences, area of Educational Philosophy by Open University, Lisbon (2013).
  • MSc in Microbiology and Genetics by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University (2004).
  • MSc in Biology and Geology by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University (2001).


Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos. (2011) A função educativa dos Biocativeiros como Factor modelador da Consciência Bioética. 2011.