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Professor Institutt for psykologi
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Lyden av trivsel

(«The sound of well-being»)


01.06.11 -

There has been an increased interest in organizational interventions aiming to improve the psychosocial work environment and the well-being and health of employees. In a previous cross-sectional study (Vaag, Saksvik, Theorell, Skillingstad, & Bjerkeset, in press), of an organizational intervention called “Sound of Well-being”, we found that there were significant differences between participants and non-participants on several demographic variables, as well as differences in engagement, commitment and self-described positive change in psychosocial and health variables. We have also evaluated the intervention “Sound of Well-being” (SOW) in a different organization, using a more sophisticated design.

Milch, Giæver, Iversen, Kico,Vaag, Wennes, Saksvik, Theorell, Tranaas, Skillingstad, & Bjerkeset


Sunne omstillings-prosesser

«Healthy organizational change»


01.06.01 -

The point of departure has been  in a new paragraph of the Work Environment Act of Norway where the content of the change process was defined as information, participation, and competence development. During our research we found that the three concepts of the law could be operationalized and understood better in daily practice through the following categories: awareness of local norms and diversity among employees in the perception and reactions to change efforts, early role clarification, manager availability, and using constructive conflicts.


Tvedt, Nytrø, Saksvik, Dahl-Jørgensen, Mikkelsen, Bohle, Quinlan




2012 -


Flere løpende prosjekt

Saksvik, Vaag, Giæver, Løvseth

Omstilling, omorganisering


2014 -

Implementering av et nytt system for økonomi og logistikk ved Helse Midt Norge Overvåkning av endring over tid




The HOUPE-study



01.01.12 -

"Prevalence, causes and effect of sickness presence among physicians in Academic Medicine. The HOUPE study: Health and Organization among University Hospital Physicians in Seven European countries: Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Hungary, and the Netherlands



Thun, Steen Rostad, Saksvik, Løvseth

What effects does implementation have on health-promotion program results? - a collaborative project in four Nordic countries




01.01.13 -

The project will obtain new knowledge about how factors concerning the implementation of worksite health promotion relate to the program s effects, i.e. changes in employees health and well being.



Saksvik, Løvseth, Hasson, Schwarz, Mervi, Nielsen.

Sickness presenteeism in a time perspective



01.11.09 -

The purpose of this study is to understand sickness presenteeism over time, and explore what mechanisms operate when employees are either integrated successfully through arrangements of good working conditions or are present at work, but as a consequence of attendance pressure factors.


Giæver, Saksvik, Milch, Biron

Process evaluation of interventions




01.05.12 -


Saksvik, Nielsen, Biron, Karanika-Murray, Jauvin

An evaluation of a salutegenic intervention





Prosjekt i samarbeid med KIBU A/S. Artikkel skrevet ferdig og akseptert for publisering på data fra fase I. Presentasjon på EAWOP i mai. Masteroppgave ferdig og muligheter for flere.

Saksvik, Bjerke m. fl.


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