Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


Hello there! I am currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, as part of the Inorganic Materials and Ceramics Research group. I completed my master's degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, with a specialization in materials science. In my master's thesis I investigated various methods and conditions for preparing an asymmetric oxygen permeable membrane using hexagonal yttrium manganite. 

I am originally from Bangladesh, and have been in Norway since 2011. I'm interested in organic-inorganic hybrids, multiferroic materials, and anything involving science-fiction and fantasy!

Current work

My PhD project is about epoxy-based nanocomposites for use as insulation in high-voltage systems. The project is a co-operation between the Department and SINTEF Energy Research, under the supervision of Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud, and with Adj. Associate Professor Julia Glaum as co-supervisor. Dr. Marit-Helen Glomm Ese is my co-supervisor from SINTEF.

My work will focus on synthesis methods for the nanocomposite, and the subsequent characterization of the interfaces between the organic-inorganic components, as well as investigating the electrical and thermal properties of the hybrid material.


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