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I'm a PhD candidate in the Physiology Group at NTNU, where I am investigating survival strategies in bats. This involves disentangling various environmental effects on physiological and behavioural responses, mainly focusing on the use of torpor (short-term hibernation state). 

As night-active mammals, the small bats in Norway face a huge challenge during summer: the midnight sun. By monitoring free-ranging brown long-eared bats (Plecotus auritus) and northern bats (Eptesicus nilsonii) at different latitudes (southern-, mid-, and northern-Norway), I aim to quantify the interrelation between torpor use and environmental variables. As part of my research I will develop an optimization model in order to determine which strategies that may optimize survival in bats of different states when faced with stochastic environments.

My supervisors are Clare Stawski and Jonathan Wright.

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