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Professor Gørill Haugan is an active researcher at the NTNU Center for health promotion research, part of HEIKO and the clinical research in nursing homes-group. Haugan is widely published in the fields of health promotion among nursing home patients, among adolescents and postnatal women. In particular, she has investigated the influence of nurse-patient interaction, self-transcendence, meaning-in-life and spirituality on nursing home patients’ well-being and quality of life. In collaboration with Warsaw Medical University, Haugan has been part of a study on active aging in Poland. Currently, she is leading a research project on joy-of-life in Norwegian nursing homes. Haugan is supervising a number of PhD-projects focusing on differing aspects of nursing home care. She is also supervising a research project exploring the will to live/survive among seriously ill patients during advanced medical treatment and intensive care at intensive care units in Mid-Norway, as well as a study on pedagogichal methods based in student activity in nursing education. Her research orientation includes qualitative and quantitative methods. Specifically, her research has contributed to the validation and investigation of the psychometric properties of a number of scales central to nursing, health and well-being, as well as to the development of new scales measuring nurse-patient interaction and joy-of-life in nursing home patients, and relational continuity in the antenatal care. Furthermore, she is the main editor of two Norwegian scientific anthologies on health promotion in the municipal health services and the specialized health services (Haugan & Rannestad 2014, 2016).   

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