Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Responsibilities at present:

  • Teaching and supervising bachelor students in nursing, master global health and master in public health
  • Supervising PhD-candidates
  • Responsible for a program for university lecturers to achieve associate professor competence
  • Supervising candidates towards associate professor application
  • Initiate and lead research projects in different fields; nursing care, students' learning and pedagogical approaches in nursing education 

Leading research projects in various fields such as: 

  • Older people care - Nursing home care;
    • "EXIST-WELL in nursing homes"; existential suffering versus depression among nursing home residents, in collaboration with Belgium, Finland and Sweden
    • nurse-patient interaction and spiritual care
  • Health promotion in different populations; older people, elective cancer patients 80 years and older, post-partum women, women giving birth, adolescents, intensive care patients
  • Long-term intensive care patients' inner strength and will-power to survive
  • Student nurses' clinical studies in nursing homes; the implementation of inter-professional supervising teams
  • Learning HLR in the nursing education 
  • The development of relational competence as part of the nursing education 
  • Global health; 
    • Families in Nepal and Uganda having a disabled child 
    • Families in Uganda having a person with dementia

Research groups:

  • Global health
  • Centre for health promotion research
  • Com Care (Community Care, Nord University)

Academic history:


  • In total 167 publications in Cristin by May 24th, 2020, and presently about 25 scientific articles in review
  • I am the main editor of three scientific anthologies:
  • "Health Promotion in the health care services - Vital salutogenic theories and research" published by Springer Publisher during 2020
  • "Health Promotion in the Hospital care services", published Cappelen Damm Academic Publisher, 2016
  • "Health Promotion in the municipality care services", Cappelen Damm Academic Publisher, 2014

International collaboration:

  • Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, Uganda, Nepal, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Croatia, Malta

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