Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

I am working in Almaas Lab on genome-scale metabolic modelling to analyze the cell’s systems response to local changes, as for example knock-outs.

My main project is an ERAnet project with the acronym Polybugs. Within this project I am creating a genome-scale metabolic model for a Pseudomonas taiwanensis strain. The goal of the project is to increase the production of nylon precursors of this strain to generate “green nylon”.

Currently, as a side project, I am working on an idea to use genome-scale metabolic reconstructions building phylogenetic trees and how this would impact especially modelers, strain engineers and enzyme engineers.

Furthermore, I am interested in MS techniques. Genome-scale metabolic networks depend a lot on lab-data, and being able to understand how the data is generated allows for a better and faster communication. Therefore, I am working on a few different projects and ideas to generate some MS data for different usages.