Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

I was appointed Associate Professor at the Department of Geography in August 2004, and Professor from September 2013. I am currently Director of Research in the department. I teach and supervise students in human geography, development studies and globalisation studies. Courses I teach include: Humanitarianism: theory and practice (GEOG 3516, autumn 2014), Migration and Development (GEOG 3522, spring 2015), Qualitative Methodology (GEOG3005, spring 2015) and the annual PhD course titled "Theoretical Perspectives in Geography" which is part of the Norwegian Researcher School in Geography that I coordinate ( My research is mainly in the field of forced migration and humanitarian work as a result of conflicts and disasters. I have conducted research in Sri Lanka, South Caucasus, India, UK, and Norway. I am interested in how protracted situations of forced migration, conflict and disasters change societies and particularly relationships between people and places. Much of my research is conducted in close collaboration with other researchers of the NTNU research group on forced migration of which I am a founding member. Through my research, I have close links with practitioners, researchers and institutions abroad, particularly in Sri Lanka and Georgia. These collaborations have resulted in an interest in action research and the relationship between research ethics and practice.

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