Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


I am a PhD candidate in the Functional Materials and Materials Chemistry group. My research project is about nanocomposites that can be used to measure residual oil saturation in oil reservoirs. The focus is on the build-up and synthesis methods, followed by characterisation of the hybrid materials. The project is a co-operation between NTNU and IFE (Institute for Energy Technology). Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud is my main supervisor. Professor Ole Torsæter and Professor Andreas Erbe are my co-supervisors. My academic interests are hybrid nanomaterials coupled with advanced characterisation methods.



I received my Master of Science degree in structural chemistry from NTNU in 2009. My master thesis was about ion-exchanged zeolites and their performance as catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOx.  

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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