Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Jensen graduated as Cand.Polit in 1975 and PhD in 1996, University of Oslo. Thesis: Fertility – between passion and utility. The value of children and demographic change. Professor in sociology since 1997. Scientific interests include family changes, fertility and childhood sociology, women and development. International perspectives. Field works in Latin America and Kenya.

Recent projects:

1.     The Social Meaning of Children (RCN, grant no: 190813/V10, 2009-2012), published in The Social Meaning of Children and Fertility Change in Europe. Anne Lise Ellingsæter, An-Magritt Jensen and Merete Lie (eds), Routledge/ESA Studies in European Societies.


2.     Fertility and Poverty: the Role of Gender and Reproductive Health (RCN and Hewlett Foundation, grant no: 199408/S50, 2010-2013), Final Report.