Marine Ventures Symposium: Vignett

  • Participants of the Marine Ventures International Symposium 2013, at Dokkhuset in Trondheim. Photo: Åge Hojem, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet

  • Morning session of the second symposium day. Amanda Crompton presents her paper. Photo: Åge Hojem, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet

  • A keen symposium audience, including Knut Andreas Bergsvik. Photo: Åge Hojem, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet

  • Conversation in-between sessions. Geoff Bailey, Birgitte Skar and Hein B. Bjerck. Photo: Åge Hojem, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet



Dear colleagues

Once again, thanks for all your interesting contributions to the Marine Ventures International Symposium.
Since then, we have been working with finding a publisher for the proceedings. We have contacted several, and it now looks like we will make a deal with Equinox Publishing. We hope to have an agreement with the publisher in the clear in January. We are aiming at a full color production in a "A4-ish" format that will do justice to your many exquisite illustrations. Deadline for manuscript/illustration submission will be around May 1, 2014.
In this connection, we need you to confirm that you want to contribute to the publication. Some of you mentioned that you already had plans to publish elsewhere. This may not be a problem, as we will allow you send a different contribution from what was presented at the symposium, as long as it is not outside the general thematic frame. We are also open for suggestions for contributions from symposium participants that did not give presentations.

Thus, we need your answers to the following questions no later than December 15:

  • Do you want to take part in the Marine Ventures Int Symposium Proceedings?
  • If yes, will you present a new contribution different to what was given in for the Symposium Program? (Please give new title)

Hopefully, those of you who were promised our Symposium Travel Grant have all received the money by now, but we know there has been complications with some of the payments, and that some of you have waited for a long time. We need you to tell us if you happen to be waiting still, so we can find out why and put it right.


Marine Ventures International Symposium 2013: Diversity and Dynamics in the Human-Sea Relation

Trondheim, Norway October 2-6, 2013

Hosted by
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet)



The Marine Ventures International Symposium aims to promote a dialogue between colleagues working in these main fields: a) initial developments and further elaboration of marine foraging; b) technological and logistical implications of travelling by sea; and, c) interrelations between social and cognitive systems, settlement patterns and subsistence of marine hunter-gatherers. These fields of research are a fruitful meeting place for different competencies, methodologies and theoretical traditions. We hope that the Symposium will reflect this scientific diversity.  Funding for publication of the Symposium proceedings is secured, and a publication date of 2014 is expected. The publisher has not been determined.


Dokkhuset, Trondheim. Photo: Arild ScheiThe Marine Ventures International Symposium will take place at Dokkhuset in Trondheim, Norway, and is arranged by The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet) in cooperation with the Department of Anthropology of CADIC-CONICET in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

The Symposium partakes in the project «Marine Ventures. Comparative perspectives on the dynamics of early human approaches to the seascapes of Tierra del Fuego and Norway», which is financed by the Latin America Program of the Research Council of Norway, and focuses on similarities and differences in cultural developments in two coastal areas on different sides of the world, but also with many common features: Seascapes of Patagonia and Scandinavia.


Scientific committee:

  • Geoff Bailey (UK)
  • Hein B. Bjerck (Norway)
  • Hans Peter Blankholm (Norway)
  • Charlotte Damm (Ireland)
  • Jon Erlandson (USA)
  • Dominique Legoupil (France)
  • Luis A. Orquera (Argentina)
  • Ernesto L. Piana (Argentina)
  • Priscilla Renouf (Canada)


Abstract (maximum 500 words) of proposed paper presentations are invited and should be submitted to: Please include a title and author(s) details   (names, email addresses and institutional affiliations). Abstracts should be submitted in English, and will be included in the conference program. Presentations will be in English. Deadline for abstract submission is August 1st 2013.


  • August 1st: Last chance for abstract submission (to AND registration
  • September 1st: Last chance to cancel or change your registration – no refund after this date


Symposium participants are invited to the Marine Ventures Exhibition, which presents a comparative perspective on the archaeology and history of Norwegian and Patagonian seascapes. Due to Pleistocene glaciations, the natural history, seascapes and marine biotopes are comparable. Nevertheless, Norway and Tierra del Fuego have followed different lines of cultural development. The exhibition centers on the similarities and differences between these regions, with a focus on the development and dynamics of marine foraging. Differences in scientific approaches and available source material are other aspects that are highlighted. The exhibition is at the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology in Trondheim and opened in June 2013.

Photos from the opening of the exhibition.


A seven-hour sea-voyage will take us through a variety of Norwegian seascapes: the Trondheim fjord, the inner coastline along the mainland – a protected channel behind an almost unbroken succession of mountainous islands and skerries and, finally, the outer coast of Northwest Norway. We will stay overnight in the town of Kristiansund, situated on several small islands. In the Kristiansund area, we will visit a variety of cultural sites and monuments, with the main focus on marine hunter gatherers. We will continue by bus along the Atlanterhavsveien, voted among the world's most beautiful drives, with its seven bridges arching between the islets and skerries on the edge of the ocean. The excursion ends back in Kristiansund. From here, you can either return to Trondheim by ship (overnight), plane (via Oslo), or you can go directly by plane to Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger.


Leaving Kristiansund on Sunday 6th:

  • Kristiansund - Oslo (SK2308) 18:55-19:50
  • Kristiansund - Oslo - Trondheim (SK2308 + SK380) 18:55-21:40
  • Kristiansund - Stavanger (TI7522) 19:20-20:20
  • Kristiansund - Bergen (WF577) 20:45-21:45


  • Kristiansund - Trondheim 02:00-08.30 (Actually on Monday 7th. The ship arrives in Kristiansund from Molde at 01:30 am)
  • Molde - Trondheim 22:15-08.30 (Bus Kristiansund - Molde: 19:05-20.35 or 20.05-21.35 - TIMEkspressen, Line 11)


Symposium, October 2-4: 1500 NOK (200€ / 270$), including the printed proceedings and all tea/coffee breaks

For registrations later than July 1st only: Symposium dinner in Trondheim October 4: 400 NOK (50€ / 70$)

Excursion, October 5-6: 2000 NOK (270€ / 350$). Including:

  • Sea voyage with Hurtigruten (Coastal steamer) Trondheim – Kristiansund
  • On board lunch October 5
  • Hotel stay at Thon Hotel in Kristiansund October 5-6
  • Conference dinner in Kristiansund October 5
  • Small cruise with the Kristiansund harbour ferry October 5
  • Bus excursion October 6
  • Lunch October 6
    (Return to Trondheim NOT included)


We provide online reservation through the registration form for these Trondheim hotels:

  • Nidaros Pilgrimsgård – by the Cathedral, 15 minutes' walk from the venue (map): Double room 900 NOK, triple room 1050 NOK.
  • Thon Hotel Trondheim – by the town square, 10-15 minutes' walk from the venue (map): Single room 845 NOK, double room 1045 NOK.
  • Rica Nidelven Hotel – winner of the prize for best hotel breakfast in Norway seven consecutive years, 400 m from the venue (map):  Single room 1160 NOK, double room 1410 NOK.


  • Silje E. Fretheim, Head (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Hein B. Bjerck (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Angélica M. Tivoli (CADIC-CONICET)
  • Atilio Francisco Zangrando (CADIC-CONICET)

Tove Eivindsen