The NOLAMP conferences have become a successful tradition. They take place every second year changing between the 4 Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and are high quality international conferences focussing on laser processing of materials.

In June 2010 the conference will take place inTrondheim, Norway and it is a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate. We hope that many of you will take this opportunity to meet other experts in laser materials processing, and to learn about manufacture, research and development in laser processing laboratories and industry. The conference will cover the latest laser research and development work performed by industry, institutes and universities in the Nordic countries and elsewhere.

We look forward to seeing you at the 13th NOLAMP conference at NTNU in Trondheim June 2011.



The aim of the NOLAMP conference is to provide a forum for people from industry, research &
development as well as students to have fruitful, free and informal exchange of views on the
applications of lasers in materials processing.
The main objectives are to form a forum for:
- Presentation and discussion of research papers from industry, institutes and universities.
- Presentation of the industrial state-of-art within laser processing.
- Presentation of the state-of-art within laser sources and other equipment.
- Discussion of the present trends within laser processing of materials.
- Identifying future requirements with regard to process and equipment developments in laserbased fabrication
- Bringing together experts within the field of laser processing of materials to initiate collaboration and other forms of networking.

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