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Lars Onsager

The Lars Onsager

Online archive

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
NTNU Library

Biographical note

Note on provenance and arrangement of the archive


Selected research material and writings


Biographical article

Lars Onsager : Chemistry 1968
Lars Onsager : Chemistry 1968 (PDF)

Excerpt from the book
Norwegian Nobel Prize laureates : from Bjørnson to Kydland. Edited by Olav Njølstad. Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, 2005. :

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1968

The Lars Onsager Archive is an archive of great extent, and only selected parts have been chosen to be digitised.

The digitising work gained financial support from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, both at NTNU. Prof. emer. Per Christian Hemmer and Eivind Hiis Hauge at NTNU selected the most important documents.

You will only find digital content on this page. The physical archive is located at Dora Library.

Complete index of the Onsager Archive - including non-digitised materials


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