This page contains information related to the specialization project. The specialization project is mandatory for the following students:

The specialization project is conducted every autumn term. Below you will find important dates related to the project and an overview of the project assignments.

Criteria for grading projects can be found at the grading pages.


Important dates

Dates Action
May 16 Publication of the list of project proposals
June 10 Deadline for selecting projects
June 17 Publication of the list of allocated projects
August 19 Project start
September 15 Deadline for registering to the project course (TTM45x1) on studweb
September 20 Submission of final problem description on It's learning
September 20 Course on how to write a project report - slides
November 26 and 27 Oral project presentations
December 16 12:00 noon Deadline for submitting the project report on It's learning


Project proposals

Register your choice here, minimum 5 topics in prioritized order (username: project, password: pro2013).

Allocated projects



Project description

Previous projects

An overview of the project assignments over the last years is available here .

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