[Publication] Book chapter

The chapter entitled “QoE – Defining a user-centric concept for service quality” by Martín Varela (VTT, Finland), Lea Skorin-Kapov (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Katrien De Moor (NTNU) and Peter Reichl (University of Vienna, Austria) will appear in the book on  “Multimedia Quality of Experience (QoE): Current Status and Future Trends” edited by C. Wen Chen, P. Chatzimisios, T. Dagiuklas and L. Atzori, and to be published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. in January 2016.

2015/07/14 13:39

[Other] π-Cipher to the 2nd round of the CAESAR competition

The CAESAR selection committee – a team of 18 internationally known cryptographers – has selected π-Cipher as a second-round candidate.

CAESAR stands for “Competition for Authenticated Encryption: Security, Applicability, and Robustness” and will identify a portfolio of authenticated ciphers that (1) offer advantages over AES-GCM and (2) are suitable for widespread adoption. The CAESAR competition is partially funded by the US National Institute of Standard and Technologies (NIST).

π-Cipher is an authenticated cipher with associated data, and it is the only cipher proposed from Norway. It is designed by Danilo Gligoroski (NTNU-ITEM), Hristina Mihajloska (UKIM-FINKI), Simona Samardjiska (NTNU-ITEM alumni), Håkon Jacobsen (NTNU-ITEM), Mohamed El-Hadedy (NTNU-ITEM alumni), and Rune Erlend Jensen (NTNU-IDI).

2015/07/10 12:03

[Publication] Two papers accepted at IEEE Globecom 2015

The following two papers have been  accepted for presentation at the 2015 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), to be held in San Diego, CA, USA, Dec 6-10, 2015:

2015/07/03 09:50

[Publication] ERCIM News 102 - Special theme: Trustworthy Systems of Systems

Four articles authored or co-authored by people at the Department appear in ERCIM News 102 with special theme “Trustworthy Systems of Systems“, for which Poul E. Heegaard was one of the two guest editors:

Download the entire issue...

2015/07/02 18:32

[Media] Mobile surveillance devices - Interview of MSc student Torjus Retterstøl in Aftenposten

In the wake of Aftenposten's revelations on mobile phone surveillance devices – or IMSI-catchers – in Oslo, MSc student Torjus Retterstøl built an IMSI catcher using a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) for his master's thesis and studied the data collected by Aftenposten. Aftenposten came last week to the department and publishes today an interview of Torjus Retterstøl (in Norwegian).

Torjus Retterstøl submitted his master's thesis in June and with this completed our 5-year integrated master's programme in Communication Technology, specializing in information security. Torjus Retterstøl did his master's thesis under the supervision of Prof. Stig Frode Mjølsnes.

2015/07/02 15:48

[PhD graduation] Congratulations to Shuna Yang

Shuna Yang successfully completed her trial lecture and PhD thesis defence on Wed Jul 1 2015 and will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Telematics).

The title of her thesis is “Performance evaluation and improvement of next-generation optical switching architecture” and the given topic for her trial lecture was “The impact of SDN on the technological development and usage of future optical networks?”.

The following committee had been appointed to evaluate her thesis, trial lecture and defence:

  • Prof. Mosche Zukerman, City University of Hong Kong
  • Assoc. Prof. Sarah Renée Ruepp, Technical University of Denmark
  • Prof. Bjarne E. Helvik, Department of Telematics, NTNU

Prof. Bjarne E. Helvik, Department of Telematics, NTNU, had been appointed as the administrator of the assessment committee.

Shuna Yang carried out her PhD work at the Department of Telematics, NTNU. Her main supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Norvald.


2015/07/01 17:22

[Publication] Two papers accepted at RNDM 2015

The following two papers have been accepted for presentation at the 7th International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM), to be held in Munich, Germany, Oct 5-7, 2015:

2015/07/01 12:08

[Publication] Paper published in the Journal of Software

The paper “Software performance evaluation utilizing UML specification and SRN model and their formal representation” by Razib Hayat Khan and Poul E. Heegaard, accepted for publication in the Journal of Software, Volume 10, Number 5, May 2015, is now available on-line.

2015/06/29 15:56

[Publication] Paper accepted in in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

The paper "Performance evaluation of a bufferless OBS/OPS network with 1+1 path protection” written by
Shuo Li, Meiqian Wang, Harald Øverby, Eric W. M. Wong and Moshe Zukerman, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (Level 2 journal).

This paper is a collaborative effort between several universities. Shuo Li is with the School of Electronic Information Engineering, Tianjin University, China. Meiqian Wang is with the School of Information and Communication Technology, KTH Royal institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Harald Øverby is with the Department of Telematics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway. Eric W. M. Wong and Moshe Zukerman are with the Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR.

2015/06/29 15:48

[Publication] Paper accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

The paper “Stochastic delay analysis for train control services in next generation high-speed railway communications system” by L. Lei, J. Lu, Yuming Jiang, et al., has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

2015/06/26 10:44