Courses and modules

The list below gives an overview of ordinary courses and specialization modules given at the department of Telematics. The Course ID is a hyperlink to the course description.

Ordinary courses (7.5 ECTS)

Specialization courses (2 x 3.75 ECTS)

  • TTM4516 Networks and quality of service, specialization course
  • TTM4526 Services and systems engineering, specialization course
  • TTM4536 Information security, specialization course
  • TTM4546 Tele-economics, specialization course (web)
  • TTM4556 Telematics and society, specialization course

Specialization project (15 ECTS)

  • TTM4511 Networks and quality of service, specialization project
  • TTM4521 Services and systems engineering, specialization project
  • TTM4531 Information security, specialization project
  • TTM4541 Tele-economics, specialization project
  • TTM4551 Telematics and society, specialization project

Specialization modules (3.75 ECTS)

  • TTM1 Access and Core Networks, advanced (web)
  • TTM2 Information security, advanced (web)
  • TTM3 Design of Self-Adaptive Systems, laboratory (web)
  • TTM8 Advanced network topics in ad hoc networks (for students residing at UniK only)
  • TTM9 Traffic and dependability, laboratory in tools and methodology (web)

Other courses

  • TM0100 Communication Technology in the Information Society (web)

PhD courses

Students attending the MSc study can also choose from the PhD courses in their final year.

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