MRK2015 - Managing Business Relationships

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Vurderingsordning: Oppgave og skriftlig eksamen
Karakter: Bokstavkarakterer

Vurderingsform Vekting Varighet Hjelpemidler Delkarakter
Oppgave 40/100
Skriftlig eksamen 60/100 3 timer ORDBOK

Faglig innhold

Understanding business markets
Development of relationships
The role and importance of the purchasing and supply function in business
Supplier relationships and strategies
Management of customer portfolios and supplier portfolios
Relationships and customers
Management of business networks
Strategy in relationships and networks


Students should
- Understand the nature of the complex network in which business companies operate
- Understand the substance of business relationships and networks
- Understand business relationships with customers and suppliers
- Understand how business relationships are developed
- Understand the role of relationships in the process of technological development

Students should develop their skills in
- Analyzing what it means for a company to be a part of a network of relationships
- Examining the abilities, uncertainties and problems of companies and how these affect the behavior of companies in relationships

Having completed the course the students should have created theoretical and practical insight into how companies can manage business relationships and networks.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

The course will consist of a combination of lectures, group work, case discussions and student presentations.

Mer om vurdering

Students who want to improve their grade in a course based on several assessments, may re-take the individual component assessment.
For an new assessment in connection with a failing grade, the Faculty of Economics and Management has supplementary regulations.


Vurderingsordning: Oppgave og skriftlig eksamen

Termin Statuskode Vurderingsform Vekting Hjelpemidler Dato Tid Rom *
Høst ORD Oppgave 40/100
Høst ORD Skriftlig eksamen 60/100 ORDBOK 13.12.2017 15:00
Vår UTS Oppgave 40/100
Vår UTS Skriftlig eksamen 60/100 ORDBOK 09:00
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