The Norwegian Molecular Imaging Consortium


Confocal laser scanning microscopes

Location: Natural Science Building, MTFS, Laboratory Center

There are four confocal microscopes from Zeiss at NorMIC, all based on inverted microscopes from the Axiovert series and with motorized scanning stages (MCU 28) and temperature regulators (Tempcontrol 37-2 digital).
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Coherent Mira Model 900-F Laser
Multi-photon microscopy

Location: Natural Science Building

For multiphoton excitation imaging we have aquired a Coherent Mira Model 900-F Ti:Sapphire laser with a Verdi 5W diode-pumped laser. The two-photon laser is tunable from 710 to 1000 nm.
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ConfoCor 2
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Location: Natural Science Building, MTFS

For fluorescence correlation spectroscopy experiments we have the ConfoCor2 module from Zeiss. It uses the visible laser lines (458, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm) to measure the fluctuations in fluorescence in a small focal volume (~femtoliter).
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Zeiss LSM 5 Live
High speed confocal laser scanning microscopy

Location: MTFS

The LSM 5 Live in combination with an LSM 510 Meta, is installed on an Axiovert 200 fully motorized microscope. LSM 5 Live can scan up to 120 confocal frames pr. sec with image quality 512 x 512 pixels in two different channels. Line scanning speed is up to 60.000 lines pr. sec.
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Leica TCS SP5

High speed confocal microscopy

Location: Natural Science Building

The Leica TCS SP5 tandem system is based on a DMI 6000 CS inverted microscope and a confocal head unit with two interchangeable scanners; a high frequency resonant scanner running constantly at 8000 Hz and a conventional scanner that can be adjusted from 2-1400 Hz. These can be alternately deployed depending on the needs of the user.
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Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIa
Atomic force microscopy

Location: Natural Science Building

The atomic force microscope is a multimode scanning probe microscope with a NanoScope IIIa controller and a PicoForce force spectroscopy control module from Digital Instruments.
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Digital Instruments BioScope SZ – Zeiss Laser TIRF
Atomic force microscopy with TIRF

Location: Natural Science Building

The BioScope SZ is built around the placement of an AFM on an inverted optical microscope, in this case the Axio Observer from Zeiss. This combination simplifies positioning of the sample and finding the area of interest.
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Flow cytometry

Location: Natural Science Building, MTFS

Flow cytometry is a technique for counting, examining, and sorting microscopic particles suspended in a stream of fluid. A beam of light (usually laser light) of a single wavelength is directed onto a hydro-dynamically focused stream of fluid.
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Location: Natural Science Building

We are developing and utilizing advanced optical techniques for studies of materials and biological systems. We are studying photo-physical properties by using time-resolved fs laser as well as multiphoton excitation schemes. In addition we are designing and developing polarimetry (Mueller matrix) and interferometric techniques towards imaging applications.
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Imaris 6.0, Bitplane
Image visualization software

Location: MTFS

Imaris is a real-time interactive image visualization software. It delivers all the necessary functionality for interpreting expression patterns in 3D and 4D (time) and it works in conjunction with QuickTime VR software for making movies.
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