Medical Cybernetics - Biomedical Motion

The term Biomedical Motion is related to Biomedical Engineering, Human Movement Science and Motion Control technology. Biomedical Motion overlaps with many of the department's reseach fields. Activities in this field represent the application of methods from cybernetics and control egineering to problems that are related to the movements of the human body, usually in a health perspective. As of 2010, our research activities include the following areas:

  • Instrumentation for Neuromotor Systems
  • Movement Analysis
  • Movement based Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Model based Movement Classification
  • Rehabilitation Engineering

Key Researchers

Research Programs


  • Neuromotor laboratory
  • Access to the Gait Lab at St. Olav's Hospital and other facilities in the HMC network


  • Biomechanical instrumentation
  • Early diagnosis of cerebral palsy
  • Activity monitoring in the elderly
  • Movement disparities in wiplash patients
  • Hand proshtesis control
  • Multimodal sensors for prostheses

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