MSc Courses

All of our MSc courses descriptions are listed here. The course home-page (Info from teacher) is also available for many of the courses, but some of the pages are in Norwegian only.

Many of the courses uses the Web-based e-learning system, it's learning. If you are a student in this course, you will have access to files and information through intranet.

TTK4100 Computerized Control, Introduction Info from teacher
TTK4105 Control Systems
TTK4115 Linear System Theory Info from teacher
TTK4125 Computerized Control in Industrial Systems Info from teacher
TTK4130 Modelling and Simulation
TTK4135 Optimization and Control Info from teacher
TTK4145 Real-time Programming
TTK4147 Real-time Systems
TTK4150 Nonlinear Control Systems Info from teacher
TTK4155 Industrial and Embedded Computer Systems Design
TTK4160 Medical Imaging
TTK4165 Signal Processing in Medical Imaging
TTK4170 Modelling and Identification of Biological Systems
TTK4175 Instrumentation Systems Info from teacher
TTK4190 Guidance and Control of Vehicles Info from teacher
TTK4195 Modeling and Control of Robots
TTK4200 Mathematical Modelling of Physical Systems
TTK4205 Pattern Recognition
TTK4210 Advanced Control of Industrial Processes
TTK4215 System Identification and Adaptive Control
TTK4220 Dynamics in Social Systems
TTK4225 Systems Theory, Introduction
TTK4230 Control Systems
TTK4235 Embedded Systems
TTK4550 Engineering Cybernetics, Specialization Project
TTK4551 Engineering Cybernetics, Specialization Project
TTK4555 Engineering Cybernetics, Specialization Course
TTK4600 Understanding Technology, Innovation and Product Development
TTK4605 Applied Parameter and State Estimation
TTK4625 UNIK, Specialization Course
TTK4850 Experts in Teamwork - Building Village
TTK4851 Experts in Teamwork - Robot and Human
TTK4900 Engineering Cybernetics, Master Thesis

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