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Performance in a Seaway

Rolls-Royce has during the last ten years developed a model for co-operation with universities and research institutes that aims at promoting research with commercial potential. There is currently about 25 universities and research institutes world-wide that has this relation with Rolls-Royce. The University Technology Centre (UTC) partners are chosen among the top players in the field of interest. The UTCs are long-term relations, typically for ten years.

extreme seas

A cooperative effort

Rolls-Royce Marine, MARINTEK, and NTNU have had a close relationship for more than 30 years, with co-operation in development of propellers, propulsion systems, ship designs, and various types of ship equipment. NTNU's Department of Marine Technology has been the main provider of engineers and scientists to Rolls-Royce Marine.

For most of the ship designs and ships equipment provided by Rolls-Royce Marine, operation in rather extreme sea conditions is in many ways decisive for the design.

Read more about the background for the establishment of the UTC in the Background section.


The Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre "Performance in a Seaway" is a long-term co-operative research program with the following overall objectives:

  • To obtain a better, more thorough understanding of the transient loads on hull structure, propellers and propulsors;
  • To develop reliable prediction tools for transient loads on hull, propellers and propulsors;
  • To develop a simulation tool for ships in a seaway, including dynamic effects of propulsors — This simulation tool shall be a platform for implementation of tools and knowledge developed in the UTC;
  • To obtain better knowledge and tools to deal with other aspects of operations in a seaway, like added resistance, loss of propulsive efficiency, roll damping, directional stability and steering;
  • To improve education and recruitment of new experts in propulsion, propeller design, and seakeeping of ships.

Read more about the current and planned activities in the UTC in the Planned Activities section.

Both MARINTEK and NTNU are active in performing the activities of the UTC. Information about the organisation and persons involved in the UTC can be found in the Organisation section.

Tthe official opening of a new University Technology Centre (UTC), Present were Norway’s Minster for Industry, the Head of Research and Technology of Rolls-Royce Mike Howse, the President of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine Duncan Forbes.

The UTC is continued for another five years

On June 9 2010, it was publicly announced that the UTC “Performance in a Seaway” is continued for another five years, until 2015. The occasion was a press-briefing held at Rica Parken Hotel in Ålesund in connection with the InnoTown2010 conference. The press briefing was attended by minister of trade and industry Trond Giske, as well as several representatives of the top management of Rolls-Royce. - Read more


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