Learning with ICT (LIKT)

This research area provides a meeting place between a variety of scientific areas, ranging from ICT to the social sciences, where pedagogic and didactic traditions are of particular relevance. The research focus is currently on mobile and ubiquitous learning, collaborative learning environments and 3D learning environments.


ICT is increasingly intertwined in learning processes in industry and education. A generation of learners to whom ICT is a part of their social and cognitive fabric is soon moving onto higher education. ICT provides new means to organise, develop and utilise resources inside organisations and educational institutions. Tomorrow’s society will be even more influenced by digital and net-based technologies. LIKT has through its projects conducted research that point to transverse traits of development that can give new insight into the complex relationship between learning and technology.

LIKT takes part in a NFR financed research program, FABULA, that involves three different departments. The program also takes part in research projects under EU FP7, TARGET and MIRROR. TARGET involves collaboration with SINTEF, international industry partners (Nokia and Siemens) and major international technical universities. LIKT is here building a Virtual Campus of NTNU to serve as an arena for educational activities and as a resource for students and teachers of NTNU. LIKT has also been involved in an EU project Travel in Europe, which resulted in the virtual reconstruction of the most prominent buildings in the city of Trondheim. At the moment LIKT also participates in “Eidsvoll 1814” project together with Globalskolen and the National Centre for ICT in Education

Director Associate Professor Leif M. Hokstad.

Coordinator Ekatarina Prasolova-Førland, SVT and IDI, NTNU.

09.08.2010 10:16