Language Technology

The Programme for Language Technology (LT) is an interdisciplinary unit with participants from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. The LT programme will coordinate and initiate language technology activities connected to NTNU. The main external partners are IBM, SINTEF and Telenor.


Language technology is about getting machines to “understand” a natural language like Norwegian, and behave as if they are proficient in that language. The language technology program at NTNU mainly encompasses:

  • Speech technology (speech recognition, speech synthesis, automatic dictation)
  • Question systems based on natural language
  • Linguistic dialogues between human and machine
  • Machine-based translation
  • Meaning-based information retrieval
  • Automatic sentence analysis and production
  • Development of machine-readable dictionaries for use in language technology

Director Professor Jacques Koreman, Department of Language and Communication Studies, NTNU.

The programme Committee is led by Professor Torbjørn Svendsen, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications and is at the time of the report being renewed.


21.03.2012 14:50, John Krogstie