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Coverphoto: Rune Petter Ness

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Editor-in-chief SINTEF: Anne Kathrine Slungård, Vice President, Corporate Communications

Editor-in-chief NTNU: Information Director Anne Katharine Dahl

Editor SINTEF: Åse Dragland
Tel: +47 73 59 24 76
Fax: +47 73 59 83 50

Reporters: Jan Helstad, Svein Tønseth and Christina B. Winge

Postal address: Gemini, SINTEF, N-7465 Trondheim, Norway

Editors NTNU: Jan Erik Kaarø and Nina E. Tveter
Tel: +47 73 59 53 21 Fax: +47 73 59 54 37

Reporters: Christian Fossen, Elin Fugelsnes, Even Gran, Tore Oksholen, Lisa Olstad and Synnøve Ressem

Design/production: Brynhild Bye, NTNU Info

Translation and English editing:
Hugh Allen, Gavin Tanguay.
The EDIT project at NTNU,
Nancy Bazilchuk


Using light under your skin
The days of the scalpel may soon be numbered – at least when it comes to examining areas in the upper layers of the skin. More...

Your daily dose
Some things are better in repeated small doses rather than in one large gulp. More...

Not just the trees
A forest is more than a collection of trees. A forest is also nature, culture, religion, work, myths, history and politics. More...

They are working on one of the European Space Agency’s challenges: to collect the light from six telescopes in an optical fibre measuring just 1/50 mm. The goal is to find signs of life in distant space. More...

The last cowboys of the sea
While security on Statoil’s oil rigs gets top marks, there were Wild West conditions on board the boats in the company’s service. More...

Basically good?
Experts believe that we can pump CO2, the most common greenhouse gas, into reservoirs in the North Sea. It would essentially eliminate one of this century’s problems. But is largescale CO2 storage on the Norwegian continental shelf really that straight forward? More...

Magic 0.8
What do cement floors, earthquakes and broken cups have in common? A magic number. More...


Six feet under - The ice
Wintertime may give young salmon a break from swift currents and keen fly fishermen, but other challenges abound. More...

Inventor of the GSM system
The Swedes and the Finns earn big money on mobile telephony. But the system they use is Norwegian. More...

Stopping dangerous trailer skids
A Norwegian invention may reduce the number of fatal accidents between trailer trucks and cars. More...

Help for headaches
Are you plagued by chronic headaches? The reason could be
that you stop breathing in your sleep. If that is your problem, help is available.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Plastic littering the countryside could soon be a thing of the past.
Researchers have come up with an additive that enables plastic
bags to be quickly decomposed by sun and rain.

Different cultures – different risks
Although there is less advanced technology, more manual work and more people involved in operations, oil-drilling rigs in South-East Asia have fewer accidents than those in the North Sea. Why? More...

Dating yellow bruises
When did he really get those bruises – and how? Optical technology could reveal the answer. More...

Angles on oil
Oil in hard rock types under the ocean’s floor can be difficult to find. A new search method may change all that. More...

Making food from water
Invisible but invaluable: raised in steel tanks, a tiny marine creature is capable of producing Omega-3 fat, a product in great demand. More...

Water for the world
AquaLyng manufactures systems that turn seawater into drinking water. To make these devices more efficient, SINTEF scientists are working on an improved pre-filter. More...

Mobile phones warm your ear
The temperature in and around your ear rises when you use a mobile
phone – by at least 2 degrees.

One herring, two herring
Counting fish is difficult. But in the future laser technology may make the task fast and efficient. More...

Super net keeps Pharaohs in place
Several of the world’s best known cultural treasures are located in areas prone to earthquakes. A new metal alloy will secure their existence. More...

Better skiwax
With a little help from SINTEF, the ski-wax manufacturer Swix has developed a wax that has proved to be a winner with professional skiers. The secret? Nanoparticles. More...

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