Waterpower Laboratory

The Hydropower Laboratory consists of various pipe-loops pressurized through centrifugal pu mps. In addition to conventional closed loop test circuits, the laboratory is equipped with an upper free surface reservoir which is unique and gives a great deal of flexibility. Of special test rigs one can mention:

  • Test rig for Francis, Kaplan and reversible pump turbines (RPT). This rig is in accordance with IEC standards
  • Test rig for Pelton turbines.
  • Test rig for micro, mini and s mall turbines.

Research at the laboratory is mainly connected to student projects for Master and PhD degrees, such as:

  • Design of machinery and co mponents and verification by help of numerical tools such as CFD and FEM analysis.
  • Evaluation of technology and develop ment of theory for existing and new co mponents in hydraulic syste ms.
  • Calculation of stability and safety margins within waterways (pipes-network) and preparations for measure ments, procedures and analysis of hydraulic syste ms.
  • Testing of materials with regards to cavitation-erosion and assess ment of materials with regards to fatigue in co mbination with flow induced structural vibrations.
  • Testing of model turbines.




News at Waterpower laboratory

A seminar on small hydro power planst will be arranged in May 2010. The seminar is a part of a EU-project called S.M.A.R.T. The aim of the project is to reduce the non-technological barriers that limits the development of small scale hydro electricity production in Europe. More information about the SMART-project can be found here.

The seminar program: