Haltenbanken village

- Increased oil and gas recovery from Haltenbanken fields

The Haltenbanken area in the Norwegian Sea  contains a number of challenging oil and gas fields that require advanced technology for improving the oil recovery. This year the focus will be on the Åsgard Field, which includes the three fields Smørbukk, Smørbukk Sør and Midgard.

Good technical management of oil fields under planning and production is the key for increased oil recovery, and thus to higher value creation for society. At the same time minimizing the environmental impact of the production is important.

The group projects will naturally have a basis in petroleum geosciences and petroleum engineering, however, students from other technology areas are welcomed. Sufficient training will be given as needed. Each group will consist of students from various study programs in order to form a multidisciplinary team. Each group will be assigned advisors both from NTNU and Statoil.

Relevant competencies 

The group projects that will be assigned will be relevant for students from all technical study programs at NTNU. All groups will have two or more petroleum students in order to help non-petroleum students initially with terminology, technical concepts, etc.

About the village

Haltenbanken – west of Trøndelag in the Norwegian Sea, is an interesting area for both production and exploration. First production from Haltenbanken started in 1995. This year a new village is established based on challenges from this area. Several fields are in production and new fields are under development. At Haltenbanken you find the Åsgard field including Smørbukk, Smørbukk Sør and Midgard. You also find the Kristin field, Tyrihans, Morvin, Mikkel, Heidrun and Njord. All these fields are operated from Stjørdal in Mid-Norway. All fields are working with IOR challenges in many different ways. It is important to keep up the work to increase the recovery factor to delay the declining production. All new ideas are valuable for further investigation within all type of disciplines – reservoir, production, geophysics, geology, petrophysics, drilling and completion. We seek your expertise to add value to this important work.

The professional task in this project will be divided in two parts. First part will focus on IOR on all the fields in the Haltenbanken area. The second part this year will have main focus on the Åsgard subsea fields. This is a high-complexity reservoir with both high temperature and pressure depletion. Tasks will primarily deal with IOR challenges, production optimization, infill drilling targets, and recovery from low permeable facies.

The database of the Åsgard Field will be available during autumn and will be regularly updated. The data will be an important basis for all project work in the village.

The second day of the Haltenbanken Village a group of experts from Statoil in Stjørdal will spend a full day with the student groups presenting current challenges in production of the fields in Haltenbanken area. This year Åsgard will be the main field of interest, but all fields will be present. The actual group projects will be defined by the groups after this day. The entire village will go to Stjørdal early in the semester in order to discuss progress with the advisors from Statoil.

Additional Web page:  http://www.ipt.ntnu.no/~kleppe/HaltenbankenVillage2014/

Course code: TPG4851
Village: Haltenbanken village
Type: Semester-based
Language: English
Village supervisor: Jon Kleppe
Contact informationjon.kleppe@ntnu.no
Semester: Spring 2014

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