ICT-Enabled Social Innovation for Social Good

The aim is to collaboratively identify and propose specific innovative solutions for achieving the desired Global Sustainability Goals (GSG), as defined by United Nations, thought ICT-enabled social innovation. To achieve its goals, this village will use SOCRATIC, a SOcial CReATive IntelligenCe Platform for achieving Global Sustainability Goals.

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We look for you

We look for you who are interested in helping to tackle challenges for social good, and everyone who is interested in taking part in a social innovation process which involves a collaboration with citizens, public institutions, NGOs. The goal is to create teams of students with multidisciplinary profiles, who will be able to address societal challenges through collaborative thinking. In particular we look for students with background in:

  • Medicine
  • Health and social studies
    • Understanding, preventive medicine, health policy, mental, physical and social health
  • Social sciences
  • Psychology
    • Understanding of autism characteristics and how they are met by society
  • Teacher Education
    • Understanding, teaching and learning
  • Technology (Engineering)
  • Architecture and Art
  • ICT
    • Many improvements and solutions include technological and mechanical aid
  • Social economics

Cooperation with NTNUs strategic research area Sustainability

Symbol for NTNUs tematiske satsningsområde bærekraft. In this village, you will have the opportunity to work with topics that are relevant to NTNU's strategic area Sustainability. This is one of four prioritized areas where NTNU address complex challenges of great importance for the society, with the use of interdisciplinary collaboration. .

You will be introduced to relevant problem areas by researchers and/or companies and organizations (that are relevant to the priority area).

You can read more about NTNU Sustainability on their webpage.

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Course Code: TDT4850
Village:  ICT-Enabled Social Innovation for Social Good
Type: Intensive
Language: English
Leader: Letizia Jaccheri
Ilias Pappas
Contakt: letizia.jaccheri@idi.ntnu.no,
Semester: Spring 2017