Stefan Jacobsen

Professor Institutt for konstruksjonsteknikk

Richard Birkelands vei 1a, Materialteknisk*3-231

Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

PhD1995, Professor 2003. entreprenør,forskningsinst., Laval Univ.Canada (1994-1995). Fersk betong, porestruktur, transport,frost. Princeton Univ./USA 2012-2013


MSc/PhD Civil Engineering, Concrete Materials, Norwegian Institute of Technology 1986/1995, MSc: “Abrasion on High Strength Concrete”/PhD: “Cracking and scaling of concrete in wet freeze/thaw”

Present Position:

(2005 –  ) Professor, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Dept of Structural Engineering, Concrete Group, (, ), Trondheim, Norway

Professional experience:

(2012-2013) Sabbatical 2012-2013 at Princeton University

(2003-2005) Professor, Narvik College ( ) and 20 % researcher at Northern Research Institute : Teaching Building materials and Building technology in Cold Climate, work included EU-Interreg funded project with Arkhangelsk State Technical University on Building technology in cold climate

(1999-2003) Contractor PEAB, Oslo ( Quality and HES incl. concrete procurement, R&D, last year Head HES reporting to managing director of the Norwegian subsidiary

(1988-1999) Researcher Norwegian Building Research Institute, Oslo, Research assignments for companies, Norwegian Research Council, EU etc on concrete materials, incl.3 year PhD-leave, and,

(1994-1995) 1 year research visit Laval University, Quebec, Canada