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Knut Holtan Sørensen


Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


Current research interests include social studies of ICT and the Internet, innovation and technology policy, gender and technology, social studies of knowledge and interdisciplinarity, engineering studies, and social studies of climate change and sustainable energy technologies. Sørensen has active interdisciplinary research collaboration with faculty and research scientists in engineering and architecture across NTNU and SINTEF.



I. Teaching



II. Supervision



III. Research Grants

Research Council of Norway (ongoing or recently concluded)

Lavenergibygninger - fra visjon til realitet?, 2001-06

Coping with the threat of climate change: Technological strategies and cultural responses, 2002-07

Learning from transdisciplinarity. Gender and ICT as windows to understanding management of knowledge, 2004-08

Tverrfaglighet, tillit og trivialisering? Utviklingstrekk ved moderne kunnskapskulturer, 2004-07

Not in my nature? The controversies and politics of environmentalism and public planning in localising wind farms, 2004-10

Pandoras I-Pod: Musikk og moral i informasjonssamfunnet, 2004-07

Providing hydrogen for transport in Norway: A social learning approach, 2005-08

Preparing for a rainy day? Configuring climate science for future society, 2007-10

Building markets, shaping policy? The role of economics in energy policy and energy use, 2008-2011

Renewable strategies? Implementing and commercialising new energy technologies, 2008-2011

Communicating local governments: Implementing community informatics, 2008-2012

Public Acceptance of Post Carbon Strategies, 2009-2012


European Union Framework Programmes

European Media and Everyday Life Technologies Network I (EMTEL I), 1995-1997 (coordinator: Sussex University)

Social Learning in Multimedia (SLIM), 1996-1999 (coordinator: Edinburgh University)

Towards an Interactive Technology Policy, 1998-2000 (coordinator: Twente University)

Process Re-Engineering in Europe: Choice, People and Technology (PRECEPT), 1999-2002 (coordinator: Technological University of Denmark)

European Media and Everyday Life Technologies Network II (EMTEL II), 2000-2003 (coordinator: London School of Economics)

Strategies of Inclusion: Gender in Information Society (SIGIS), 2000-2004 (coordinator: Edinburgh University)

Policies for Research and Innovation in the Move towards the European Research Area, (PRIME), Network of Excellence, 2004-2009 (coordinator: Ecoles des Mines de Paris)



Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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Del av bok/rapport

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