Jo Eidsvik

Professor Institutt for matematiske fag
73590153 90127472
Alfred Getz vei 1, Sentralbygg II * 1034

Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Research interests

My research interests are spatio-temporal statistics and computational statistics, often applied to the Earth sciences. We have a research project on Uncertainty in Reservoir Evaluation ( 

I also work on value of information analysis in this context of spatio-temporal applications. Here is our book on 'Value of Information in the Earth Sciences' (, published by Cambridge University Press.

PhD students (statistics): Michael Gineste, Jacob SkauvoldJacopo Paglia

Connected PhD students (external departments): Trygve FossumVeena Vezhapparambu, Hanne Siri Heglum, Gunhild Berget

Former PhD students: Erlend Aune (now Amedia), Gabriele Martinelli (now Thomson Reuters), Javad Rezaie (now GE), Marie Lilleborge (now Cancer Registry Norway)

Study programs and education

I am currently leading the study program for Physics and Mathematics ( at NTNU and member of the Industrial Mathematics board (

Project and master thesis topics


  • MSc in applied mathematics at the University of Oslo (1997) and PhD at NTNU (2003).
  • Industry experience from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment and Statoil.
  • Visitor Stanford University 2001-02, Duke University and the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, North Carolina in 2009-10, and Stanford University in 2014-15. 


Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Eidsvik, Jo; Tjelmeland, Håkon. (2006) On directional Metropolis-Hastings algorithms. Statistics and computing. vol. 16 (1).


  • Eidsvik, Jo; Avseth, P; Omre, Henning; Mukerji, T; Mavko, G. (2004) Stochastic reservoir characterization using prestack seismic data. Geophysics. vol. 69.
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