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Key words: eco-visualization, energy visualizations, co-design, participatory design processes, innovation, prototyping, provotyping
In my research I am exploring how ICT (Smart house technology) and innovative technology may contribute to solving the threat of climate changes (energy efficiency and  -saving et cetera) Lately, I have become increasingly interested in research and development processes (co-creating spaces, buildings, and technology) where users and other relevant parties creating that involve active user involvement in all stages of innovation and implementation of new technology. I do believe that in order to solve some of the many challenges of climate changes an ageing population, we need to think out of the box and we need to work together with end users, product developers, city planners, architects and engineers.  As a researcher, I want to be part of developing and enabling these new solutions to make its path from idea and through all the stages of societal implementation. My ongoing projects are linked to the development of sustainable neighborhoods, technologies and housing solutions through the active involvement of end users in innovation and design processes. 




Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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Del av bok/rapport

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