Ellen Marie-Therese Solberg

Førstekonsulent Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap

73593471 92484344

Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


Skilled and dedicated administrative professional with more than 20 years´ experience coordinating, planning and supporting daily operational and administrative functions. Always seeking to raise the standards of performance and professionalism. Seeking high quality training and development. Able to work flexible during key semester periods. Work largely without supervision. Computer literate and internet savvy. Adapt at developing and maintaining administrative processes that reduce reduncancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve orgianizational objectives.


Main work areas:


  • First point of contact for all enquiries/queries (telephone, visitors, students and staff).
  • Access to computer labs and study rooms at masters` level.
  • Maintain both physical and computerised records (ePhorte).
  • Explanation of grades and appeal against a grade.
  • Coordinator and secretary of the research comittee at IDI.
  • Coordinator and secretary of the board of executives at IDI (31.12.2013).
  • Control and approval of Cristin publications.
  • Midterm and evaluation - PhD students.
  • Human Resource.