Arne Mathias Bredesen

Professor Institutt for energi- og prosessteknikk

Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1, Varmeteknisk*B511

Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Arne Bredesen (69) is professor of Refrigeration Engineering at Department of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU and former leader of NTNUs thematic, multi-disciplinary energy research team from 2000 to 2013.

His areas of expertice are: • Refrigeration, heat pumps and energy systems • Applied thermodynamics • Compressor technology • Energy and Environment • Natural gas technology • Fishery technology.

In addition to the science Bredesen is concerned with developing and leading strategic multi-disciplinary team-work organizations, combining research and education (NTNU-SINTEF). He has been member of the Energy Committee in former NTNF, as well as Head of the Board of the national research programs on natural gas (SPUNG) and fishery technology (FITEK). Assistant leader of RCN Board of Industry and Energy, as well as Board member of SINTEF, IFE, SINTEF Energy and SINTEF Fishery and Aquaculture. Presently he is Board member of the large national energy initiative "Energy21".

Bredesen has been working actively to develop strategic, long-term international cooperation within research and education with selected universities: USA (MIT), China (Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tsinghua University), Japan (KIFEE) and EU (ECCSEL and SEEIT).

Bredesen was educated from NTH, as mechanical engineer in 1969 and PhD in 1974.